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Mental Health Awareness Posters

I worked hard to play with symbolism during the idealization process. I wanted to choose imagery that would stick with the viewer. By an example of symbolism the brick wall being presented in the brain; trauma can cause brain damage and memory loss.

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Koi Fish Tattoo Design

This Tattoo Design was made for a family member wanting specific requests from several inspiration photos. In the end I went with a more balance look while keeping with the direction the fish is moving its body. The design was done using several layers within Adobe Photoshop to organize and design each section of the tattoo. The line work for the fish is on a separate layer, the colors of the koi, waves, and flowers are all as well.

Zodiac Zine

This Zine is designed to be interactive as well as informative. The design of the construct of the zine is to best inform and teach someone about zodiac signs so they can possibly read their own horoscope, if wanted. https://indd.adobe.com/view/92bb66d8-7ba1-4259-aade-62f703f4f5e2